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Petatech is the expert in design and a manufacturer with passion since 1998. Cherish our beautiful world and enhance yourself.

We have over 12 years of experience in manufacturing various types of diving equipments, OEM products are welcomed. Petatech develops associated products for diving. Range of diving gears such as wetsuits, regulators, masks, snorkels, adaptors, fins, accessories and the list goes on. We insist in providing quality products.

Petatech is always keen to take on new challenges. We believe that by mastering in new technologies and undertaking new projects, it will lay a strong foundation for a solid future.

The exclusive label Thermalution is our unique range of diving under suits and diving web suits. The functional heating under suit keeps divers' warm while under water. The newer design of the heating under suits and heating wet suits evolved from wired controller to wireless remote controller.
Petatech is devoted to continue in developing new technologies for divers. please refer to Let's put effort to keep our earth alive.
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